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Hermanni is the oldest winery in Finland. It was founded 1989 by Timo Kettunen, Arto Liimatta and Harri Turunen. The company name PeltoHermanni Oy was later changed to its present name Hermannin Viinitila Oy. The nick name Hermanni is also used and known.
Hermanni is the oldest winery in Finland.
In the following years Kettunen, Liimatta and Turunen focused on developing the concept of Finnish wineries and berry wine making.


The alcohol law change in 1995 enabled both the production of berry wines and selling them. Hermanni has expanded its winery operations rapidly in recent years. 

Together with Valamon Viiniherman, founded by Hermanni Winery and the New Valamo Monastery, Hermannin Viinitila is the leading berry wine producer in Finland. 

Hermanni Winery has been awarded several times for its continuing work in the berry wine industry and for its excellent products.